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Call Of Duty Weapon Camos V2

Author: RoyalMods
Date: 04.09.2015
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Call of Duty Weapon Camos V2!

Added more weapon camos for more weapons!
-Art Of War (MW3) for the SMG
-Arctic (MW2) for the Asault SMG
-Digital (multi-CoD) for the Sawed off shotgun
-CE Digital (BO2) for the Carbine Rifle
-Kawaii (BO2) for the Special Carbine
-Diamond (multi-CoD) for the Advanced Rifle
-Spectrum (Ghosts) for the MG

Welcome and thank you for downloading my first ever GTA V Mod!
These weapon camouflage's are inspired by the one's found in
Call of Duty.

Help me add more camos by commenting your suggestions on!
Username: RoyalMods

Before you do anything make sure you BACK UP YOUR FILES, always!

How to Install:

NOTE:To install these weapon textures you need a program like OpenIV
or something similar. Some of these textures are also quite large in size so
just keep that in mind.

-INSTALLATION PATH------> update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng (the latest patch) \dlc.rpf

- Copy ALL files in the 'Files' folder into the weapons.rpf archive.

- YOU'RE DONE, now you can play right away!

Keep in mind that I am in no way responsible for any damage and/or loss of data
that could occur as a result of you not following the instructions properly or
making a mistake at some point.

This mod is not intended to be used in GTA Online and will probably result in
a ban if you do so.

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Call Of Duty Weapon Camos V2
Call Of Duty Weapon Camos V2 Call Of Duty Weapon Camos V2 Call Of Duty Weapon Camos V2

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