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Brown Streak [Add-On]

Author: Exoskeleton & Walter
Date: 06.06.2017
Downloads: 6928
Filesize: 14.964 MB

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A 1:1 recreation of the classic Brown Streak Passenger train from the beloved GTA: San Andreas, modeled by Walter and ported to GTA V by me. Now you can once again relive your endless attempts to follow the damn train!

It's a functional transport much like the LS Metro and it seamlessly blends into the GTA V world with it's appearance derived from modern American passenger trains.
Comes with configuration options to replace the default freight trains or add the Streak to spawn alongside them.


- Fully modeled and enterable passenger cabin
- Fully modeled cockpit
- Passengers sitting in each car
- Automatic, animated doors
- Interior lighting
- Rain-free interior
- Ability to walk between cars
- Stops at key locations around San Andreas.
- Compatible with J10's Railroad Engineer (driveable)


Exoskeleton (porting & collisions)
Walter (models, textures & train config)

Please report any issues you encounter with the mod.

Recommended mods:

J10's Railroad Engineer (train driving mod)

Check out these extra skins for it as well:

Amtrak Liveries

Please do not re-upload this mod's content without permission.


1.1 - LODs added. New Specular texture; more realistic shine. Route map displays added inside the passenger cars, also included separately as a full-size image. Interior glass meshes have also been added. The ugly, sometimes noticeable, rain blocking mesh on the roof has been improved and hidden.
1.11 - Fixed a rebellious wheel that tried to escape it's axle. Tell me if there's still issues with it.
1.12 - Fixed the LOD model's headlights, now they actually work.

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Brown Streak [Add-On]
Brown Streak [Add-On] Brown Streak [Add-On] Brown Streak [Add-On] Brown Streak [Add-On] Brown Streak [Add-On] Brown Streak [Add-On] Brown Streak [Add-On]

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