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Atomic 0.6 Mod Menu

Author: The_MZ
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Date: 04.04.2020
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The Atomic Mod Menu is a new (still in development) Mod Menu!
It doesn't have much features (at the moment) but there will be more!


Steam version: 1.0.335.2-1.0.2060.1
Rockstar Launcher version: 1.0.335.2-1.0.2060.1
Epic Games version: 1.0.335.2-1.0.2060.1

This Mod Menu is compatible with the same versions as Script Hook V. If Script Hook V supports a newer version of GTA5 that is not listed here than you can use it anyways! It only needs to be compatible with Script Hook V.


Self Menu:
-Health Options
-Wanted Options
-Movement Options
-Movement Options (more features comming soon)
-Skin Changer

Teleport Menu:
-Teleport Forward
-Outdoor Teleports
-Online Safehouse Teleports
-Character Safehouse Teleports

Weapons Menu:
-Weapon Selector
-Give all Weapons
-Remove all Weapons
-Unlimited Ammo

Vehicle Menu:
-Vehicle Spawner (more vehicles coming with 0.6.1 Beta)
-Repair Vehicle
-More comming soon

World Menu:
-Object Spawner (not much objects but there will be much more)
-Ped Spawner (only a few peds avaiable but more are comming soon)
-Bodyguard Spawner
-Weather Changer
-Gravity Options

Misc Options:
-Mobile Radio
-More coming soon

Remember: This is only a beta version so don't expect too much!!!

Tip: Switch off the gravity completely and jump with a parachute!


Update 25.09.2020 Atomic 0.6 Beta:
-Replaced the old vehicle selector with a vehicle spawner menu (more vehicles coming with 0.6.1 Beta)
-Added Fast run

Update 19.07.2020 Atomic 0.5 Beta:
-Added Repair Vehicle
-Added More props to spawn

Update 25.04.2020 Atomic 0.4 Beta:
-Added more peds to spawn
-Added more peds to skin changer
-Fixed all bugs from the 0.3 Beta version

Update 19.04.2020 Atomic 0.3 Beta:
-Added change weather
-Added more bodyguard types to spawn
-Added mobile radio
-Added more props to spawn
-Added character safehouse teleports
-Fixed teleport forward

Update 05.04.2020 Atomic 0.2 Beta:
-Added a few more objects to spawn
-Added Online Safehouse Teleports
-Fixed vehicle doesn't teleport with player

Known bugs and issues:

-Some props may not spawn and I can't fix this. I didn't remove them because I don't have so much time to check all of the props. There are 2585 (the menu currently includes only a few of them) props so I can't check every single of them.

-The menu may randomly crash when spawning a vehicle! I'll try to fix this in the next updates. If it happens than press F4 and type "Reload()" (note: this will reload ALL your scripts inside the scripts folder and may even crash your game).

-Some DLC vehicles will despawn! I'll try to make a bypass for this (if possible).

Report ANY kind of bugs or issues in the comments or write an Email to:

I will try to fix bugs and issues as fast as possible!!!

Feel free to suggest ANY ideas in the comments or write me an E-Mail!

- Latest ScriptHook V
- Latest ScriptHook V .NET
- Latest NativeUI (Included in file)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

Put Atomic SP Beta.dll into your Scripts folder!

How to use:
Open the Mod Menu with "F5" and control it with the arrows on your keyboard or your mouse.

The_MZ (Developer)

This Mod Menu was developed by myself! The only things used are NativeUI and Script Hook V .NET

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Atomic 0.6 Mod Menu
Atomic 0.6 Mod Menu Atomic 0.6 Mod Menu Atomic 0.6 Mod Menu Atomic 0.6 Mod Menu Atomic 0.6 Mod Menu Atomic 0.6 Mod Menu

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