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niunManager V

Author: Niunzin
Date: 07.05.2015
Downloads: 9891 | Statistics
Filesize: 12.688 MB

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The best way to manage your GTA V mods!
Just create a folder to enable/disable and uninstall the mod. (such as you can see on the screenshot)

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Enable and disable mods - v0.8.0
Uninstall mods - v0.8.0
LUA SDK support - v0.9.0
Internal changes - v0.9.1
Enable/disable all mods - v1.0.0
New interface - v1.0.0
Button Play GTA V Offline disabled for now - v1.0.0
Portuguese language support - v1.0.0
No internet connection - v1.0.0
Fixed a lot of bugs - v1.0.0
Button Play GTA V enabled for Steam users - v1.1.0*
UI do not freeze anymore - v1.1.0*
Internal changes - v1.1.0*
Interface changes - v1.1.0*

(I've changed the name of the tool, because i saw a lot of tools with the same name)

Version 0.9.0 Source Code:
Version 1.1.0 Github:

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niunManager V
niunManager V

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