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Iron Man (MCU) Pack

Author: gtav_KWABZ, OkaymanXXI
Date: 17.08.2019
Downloads: 948
Filesize: 59.038 MB

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What started as the "Iron Man Mark III W/Metallic Effects" is Now the Iron Man MCU Pack, With Two versions of Tony Stark from the MCU, and a 2 In 1 Armour, Mark 2 and Mark 3, with Removable Masks, Emissive Effects and Metallic effects a swell as realistic heighting, im looking to update this pack every few weeks, with a new Armour, and weed out any bugs that i might have missed to give you guys the best iron man skins i can.
- Fully Rigged - Extra Levels Of Detail - Specular Features - Emissive Effects
- Metallic Effects
- Realistic Heighted armours
- 2 in One Ped
Changelog 1.1 Fixed Shaking Arc Reactor and emissive parts
Changelog 1.2 - Added Tony Stark with Suit and Tony stark with casual clothes(Credits to OkaymanXXI for the fantastic textures he helped me alot when managing the skin tones and the shirt textures)
- Added Improved Mark III Armour w/changeable textures to Mark II And A removable Mask with Tony's Face under as well as a realistic height
Changelog 1.3 -Fixed The Textures for the Scalp forehead hair area looks much more natural now
Changelog 1.4 *Added Armour Update* Added Mark IV, w/Metallic Effects, Emissive Effects, Realistic height Removable Mask
Changelog 1.5 *New and Improved Tony head For both Versions and All Armours, me and OkaymanXXI have been hard at work and managed to put together an even better tony head with high quality textures
*More accurate colours for the Mark II which has been turned into its own armour.
*Added Armour Update* Added Mark V, w/Metallic Effects, Emissive Effects, Realistic height Removable Mask
*Note With the suited version Glasses are removable through the trainer and are under feet or shoes
*Possible Issues that may Come Up and How to solve them* - Deformed Body Parts -Allys/Enemys looking all messed up As Of 30/07/2019
Julio Updated the Iron Man Script to help with the spawning of Armours, so now you can use your own ini files and spawn enemy allys with no issue, big thanks to julio for helping out with these issues.
Updated Iron Man Script:
Updated Iron Man Script Installation: Use this mod to use PEDS as Add-Ons: Or Replace any Ped you want just rename the files to whatever ped you want to replace "example:ig_bankman" any extra models in the photo are from my patreon page or are in a W.I.P stage
My Patreon Page Follow My instagram for any updates on Different mods ill be creating, or if you want to contact me about any requests.
My Instagram Page Enjoy!

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Iron Man (MCU) Pack
Iron Man (MCU) Pack Iron Man (MCU) Pack Iron Man (MCU) Pack Iron Man (MCU) Pack Iron Man (MCU) Pack Iron Man (MCU) Pack Iron Man (MCU) Pack

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