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Trevor Ultimate Hitman 2.0.1

Author: srgamerio
Date: 22.02.2017
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Version 2.0.1 released on 13 october 2016 by srgamerio
This is a Hitman skin replacement mod for Trevor. Works with any update. Didn't change 3D model because changed 3D model doesn't look so natural and causes problems. I think Trevor himself looks a bit like hitman when bald. So I just changed facial textures to make trevor look like Hitman as close as I could. You can change any cloth you want as hitman. You can swicth back to trevor without removing mod. This mod doesn't require to delete any ingame files. You just have to replace some files and load the skins through trainer.....So follow the steps below
1.Two Classic Agent 47 Suits
2.Agent 47 Police Disguise
3.Agent 47 Underwear
4.Ability To Switch Trevor Without Removing Mod
5.Original Backup Of All Modded Files
Remove any previously installed version of this mod completely and restore original game files.
1. After installing the required tools, extract my mod, you will get three folders named "player_two", "Backup" and "AppData"
Now lunch "Open IV" > activate "Edit mode" > Go to x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/streamedpeds_players.rpf and replace the "player_two" folder you got by extracting my mod in here(no need to delete anything)
2. Now put "AppData" folder from the mod to your "Windows Local Drive/Users/Your User Name"
in Windows System "AppData" folder is Hidden so don't worry if it doesn't show up after placing it there
3. Now lunch GTA V .....While in game open "enhanced trainer" Go to Player/Player Appearance/Saved Appearance select the skin you want and Apply To Player....
That's it....complete.....Enjoy being ULTIMATE HITMAN
Please give me credit if you find this mod useful somewhere, give me feedbacks and don't you dare to use any mod ONLINE!!
Thanks to arewenotmen and Rockstar Team
Mod may not work correctly
if previously used version not replaced by original backup.
if any other mod uses the same files.

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Trevor Ultimate Hitman 2.0.1
Trevor Ultimate Hitman 2.0.1

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