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Ultimate Perfect Start Game Save v2.0 FINAL

Author: Flava0ne
Date: 12.05.2015
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• Game starts right after the technical first mission, Franklin and Lamar, completed in gold

• All of Franklin's Skills maxed out

• All gold medals in all Shooting Range activities, except for Bonus: Rail Gun which I did not do at all

• All gold medals in Stunt Plane Time Trials

• All 15 Knife Flights completed

• All 50 Stunt Jumps completed

• 21/50 Under the Bridge completed, left the rest for Michael and the last 6 for Trevor to max out their flying skills

• All 11 Under Water Hidden Packages picked up

• Entire San Andreas map un-covered/unlocked

• Every weapon with maxed out ammo including every accessory for each

• Legitimate $636,328 in-game cash

• Upgrades to Franklin's Buffalo S: Armor Upgrade 100%, Race Brakes, Painted & Carbon Front Splitter, Sports Rear Bumper, EMS Engine Upgrade Level 4, Race Exhaust, Black Open Front Grille, Carbon Vented Hood, Xenon Headlights, Yellow on Black Plates, Roll Cage & Chassis Upgrade, Carbon Roof, Carbon Side Skirts, Carbon Wing Spoiler, Competition Suspension, Race Transmission, Turbo Tuning, Carbon Inferno High End Rims, Bullet Proof Custom Tires, Black Tire Smoke, Pure Black Window Tints

• Didn't include any stored vehicles in Franklin's garage since you can have the ability to spawn any desired vehicle with the Native Trainer

v2.0 Update

• Purchased a Weapon

• Purchased a Car Mod

• Purchased a Haircut

• Purchased Stocks

• Purchased all Tops & Sunglasses from Ammu-Nation

• Completed a Booty Call

• Received a Prostitute service

• Held Up a Store

• Rode the Cable Car

• Used the Car Wash

• Used a Fairground ride

• Visited the Cinema

• Collected all 27 Peyote Plants

• Completed all 50 Monkey Mosaic Photographs

• Shooting Range: Bonus (all Gold)

• All Stripers like Franklin

• Completed all available Random Encounters (exception of Jane who isn't available at this point in the game)

• Did not complete the Watch TV because it won't register on your Social Club account when you load a different game save from your current one

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Ultimate Perfect Start Game Save v2.0 FINAL
Ultimate Perfect Start Game Save v2.0 FINAL Ultimate Perfect Start Game Save v2.0 FINAL Ultimate Perfect Start Game Save v2.0 FINAL

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