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Perfect Start Game Save 2.0 FINAL

Author: Flava0ne
Date: 02.05.2015
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Game starts right after the technical first mission, Franklin and Lamar, with all of Franklin's Skills maxed out.

All gold medals in all Shooting Range activities, and all gold medals in Stunt Plane Time Trials.

Entire San Andreas map un-covered.

All available weapons purchased from Ammu-Nation with maxed out ammo plus a Carbine.

A pre-modified Pegassi Zentorno Super Car (which I did not make any modifications on) and a stock Hakuchou Sport Bike stored in Franklin's Garage.

$389,673 cash left over from the $500,000 in-game pre-order bonus.

No cheats were used to make this Game Save.

Used Native Trainer to get all weapons with max ammo and spawned a stock Zentorno and Carbon RS and stored it in Franklin's garage.

Only saved once after the first mission, no deaths in this version (last version I was wasted twice) and $503,453 legitimate cash in-game to start off with.

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Perfect Start Game Save 2.0 FINAL
Perfect Start Game Save 2.0 FINAL

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