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The Red House 3.4

Author: gtaexen
Date: 26.11.2016
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Bodyguards -Bodybuilder
Vehicles -Super Diamond
-Vapid Stanier
-Gallivanter Baller
-Gallivanter Baller II
Helicopter -Annihilator

It was before:
20+ different missions!
Bodyguards who will help you!

Missions available on release :
Assassination contracts are
sometimes simple, sometimes
kinda hard to complete.
Their payout ranges from
$20,000 to $50,000.
Objective is simple, take down the target.
Once it's done, Shan will contact you to tell
you that your paycheck is ready.

Mob cleaning is even more complicated,
sometimes deals go wrong and other
mobsters call Shan to take vengeance,
you're here to clean up. Mobsters will be
heavily armed but no expecting you.
Kill everyone, leave no one alive, and
Shan will contact you to tell you that
your paycheck is ready.
Payout ranges from $75,000 to $150,000.
Protection. Emergency call that Shan received.
A dude just got trapped in a hotel, get there,
and kill all the men trying to kill him.
You'll get payed preciously.
Payout ranges from $100,000 to $200,000.
Big Score Heist. Heist that consists of 3 stages
where the player has to help Shan to get
money from a certain bank account.
Grab an Insurgent who is monitored by
the cops or get a Cargobob from a
construction site and let Shan's men bring it to you.
Assassinate the contract manager from a
security company, steal the files, bring them
back to Shan. It's now time for a framing job,
destroy the 3 trucks containing the cash in
paper, and evade the cops in a Insurgent while
gunning down choppers in the gunner seat.
Once all of that is done, you'll get your $5,000,000.
Deal breaker, the NOOSE is raiding our men
who are trying to send the Heroin to Vice City
by boat ! Go there, help our men push the
NOOSE and save the Heroin by taking it back
to the Marina.

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The Red House 3.4
The Red House 3.4 The Red House 3.4 The Red House 3.4 The Red House 3.4

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