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RealisticV 3.6.5

Author: Charger99
Date: 30.10.2016
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Filesize: 9.627 MB

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This mod is made to the VisualV mod.

1. Install VisualV
2. Install Reshade 3.0 to game folder (you can delete the shaders to iprove the loading time)
3. Copy the .ini files and the reshade-shaders to the game folder
You can switch between the main and the performance preset, in the Reshade menu (shift+f2)
If you want the enb series too:
4. Copy everything from the enb folder to the game folder
5. Copy the Reshade64.dll from the VisualV/optionals/reshade preset folder to the game folder
6. Rename the dxgi.ini (in the game folder) to Reshade64.ini

Recommended mods in the readme.

Changelog 3.6.5:
-LumaSharpen and GaussianBlur changes
-Added "clean" preset

Changelog 3.6.2:
-Less sharpening in the Performance preset
-Less saturation for the new VisualV
-ENB light changes

Changelog 3.6:
-ENB re added
-FilmGrain added
-Other improvements

Changelog 3.5:
-Only Reshade without ENB
-Color and contrast changes

Changelog 3.4:
-Some color/lighting change

Changelog 3.3:
-Sun settings changes in ENB
-Ambient Light added in Reshade
-HDR removed
-Performance preset added

Changelog 3.2:
-Update to Reshade 3.0.4, Ambient Light now is just optional
-Added ENB Series

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RealisticV 3.6.5
RealisticV 3.6.5 RealisticV 3.6.5 RealisticV 3.6.5 RealisticV 3.6.5 RealisticV 3.6.5 RealisticV 3.6.5 RealisticV 3.6.5

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