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Epic Color v1.2

Author: T-Mind
Date: 18.04.2016
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epic color V 1.2

just another color mode :p
sounds simple but there was a lot to do to get a good result...


press 8 : creats random color
press 9 : rgb color fade ( two options )


one hit:

changes the primary color
changes the secondary color
changes the rim color to primary color ( only static colors )
changes the pearlescent color

behind the script:

you have 4 surfaces
- chrome
- metal
- matt
- gloss

chrome and metal will get a color tint plus a pearl color.
matt colors will get a pearl color too.

basicly there are two types of colors:
- static colors ( by names )
- dynamic rgb colors

the color type will choosen randomly.
if the static color is in use you can get strong contrast between primary and secondary color and the surfaces.

if the rgb color is in use the secondary color is a nuance darker or brighter and the rim color is randomly static ( black/white/strong colored/metal/chrome rgb colors are not supported ).
the surface is the same of the last static color so the chrome/metal will get random rgb tints and pearlecent color. looks realy great :)


only rgb will be changed, the pearlecent and surface will stay.
the color fader will kill the static color and set the paint to the last rgb tone ( or orange as default if no color was in use at the time ).
mode 1: it fades very slow.
mode 2: the faster you drive, the faster it fades.
if you hit the random color key you can change the surface and the pearlecent color randomly or it changes only the rgb and pearlecent color. ( random mode )


scripthook must be installed
put the epic_color.dll and epic_color.ini in your script folder in the gta root.

you can change the keys in the *.ini file


please leave a message or ideas and rate it.
so i can see if the mode is useful or not ;)
every moder invests a huge time mostly for hopes that some gamers will have a little bit more fun.

better color fader, fades now to random colors instead the red/green/blue values up and down.

- 50% less pink

greats from germany. :)

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Epic Color v1.2
Epic Color v1.2 Epic Color v1.2 Epic Color v1.2 Epic Color v1.2 Epic Color v1.2 Epic Color v1.2 Epic Color v1.2

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