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San Andreas Creatures v0.9c

Author: Rizqan7 A.K.A Maryo_Nicle7 | Email
Date: 03.04.2016
Downloads: 4787 | Statistics
Filesize: 4.634 MB

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Remember when you imagine hunting some myth which has been realized with mods in GTA SA?
Now it's back in GTA V with every possibilities, it's time to fight those myths back. This is my first mod for GTA V which will add several myth into the game, including the popular Bigfoot and Aliens myth, there's 10 myth to discover:


- Johnny Klebitz who known has been killed by Trevor in the mission Mr. Philips with his gang is back to the Stab City and they will going to rebuild those place into a much more powerful Lost Camp, his member were protecting the place at all cost, so it may be a little tricky, and the Johnny stay inside one of the trailer, just be careful when you meet him, he carried a minigun.

- Steve Haines who killed by Trevor during mission The Third Way, is now rumoured haunting the place where he killed on the Del Perro, he protected by some FIB Agents, don't think it's easy to take him out because he carried a Railgun.

- Andreas who killed by Steve Haines in the mission The Wrap Up rumoured to be haunting a maze located in the Kortz Center, a place where he has been killed, he protected by some many army and swat scattered around the maze and when you meet him, you should catch him before his swat and army catch you first.

- Los Santos Coroner, a building where mission Dead Man Walking taking place is rumoured to be haunted. Some of citizens saying that it crawled by several dead body that found in the mission and they became alive, there also a almost invisible ghost walking around that place (All Interiors Unlocked mod Required!)

- Bigfoot which is one of the famous myth in the GTA Universe is now back, many villagers of Paleto Bay reported seeing bigfoot around Mount Chiliad, the hiking also claim that they seeing those creature so it's your turn to prove that bigfoot was real and hunt them in the Mount Chiliad, there are about 50+ bigfoot spawn location around Mount Chiliad, be careful with them, some of them were easily fear when seeing somebody, but some of them is fearless and may attack you if you're near them.

Very recommended to use a thermal and night vision mod to find them easily:

Myth added in v0.9b:

- Ortega who can be killed in Mr. Philips, but if he spared, he reappear again in Trevor Philips Industries and getting killed by Trevor, his ghost later rumoured appear near the Los Santos Dam, he guarded with some Lost gang and bodyguards which carried grenade launchers, so watch out for the grenageddon!.

- UFO which was rumoured flying around the state is reported to be crashed around Mount Josiah, not far from the Fort Zancudo Military Base, an army from that military base have scouting it and saying that there's some aliens which guarding the UFO and repairing it, there also some humans and possibly "brainwashed" by those aliens to have working with them, moreover they have float technology which can let them floating around the UFO for the excessive guarding. Omega, heard that news and joining with some Fort Zancudo's army and SWAT to investigate the Mount Josiah and finding those UFO crash site. After they found that flying saucer crash site, they were hiding and going to prone, they won't attacking those aliens until you arrive and killing one of the aliens, then the Omega and his crew will help you, but watch out, the aliens have experimental weapons that can make you burn instantly, and make sure to protect the Omega because he carried the powerful Railgun.

- Abandoned Mineshaft is the most creepiest mineshaft in Blaine County, it's rumoured to be crawled by so many ghosts, including Dreyfuss, Johnny's best friend like Terry, Claude and zombies, but many of them were scared by the lights so it may easy to take out all of them (using thermal and night vision mod very recommended).

- 2 Miscellanous Myth:

1. Chimpanze Raid: Remember the chimpanze which appear when Michael is getting drunk by his son? They were rumoured to be scattered around the plane's grave in Grand Senora Dessert and carrying various weapons but they were so frightened and run away from you when seeing you.

2. Grave Ghosts: Grave in the Los Santos is now crawled by many zombies and they were attacking each other.

What's New in v0.9c?

- Added Script version based on C#/.cs, it functioning just like cleo in GTA SA! Simply put in the GTA V Scripts folder and you're ready to go! (doesn't require Map Editor!)
- Miscellaneous tweaks on some myth (I can't explain it, I forgot)

Note: The script version doesn't support specific Animations, Weapons and Relationship that has been applied to the peds, so there may be something very weird happening such as hostile Omega, Aliens attacking only with bare hands, etc. It's very recommended to use the .xml version instead by put .xml files to autoloadmaps folder (required Map Editor) for best experience while using the mod.

Before installing, make sure you've meet the requirements:

- Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2:
- Install Script Hook V .NET at least v2.6.2:
- Install Map Editor at least v2.8 by Guadmaz: (important!)

Instructions about how to install the mod is in the readme in the archive

Known Bugs

Formerly the mod is based on Map Editor, but now it supports script version, which doesn't require Map Editor to get it working properly, but the .xml version/Map Editor version is still the best version to get experience with it.


- Guadmaz for making the amazing useful Map Editor
- Alexander Blade for making Script Hook V
- OpenIV Team
- GTAMP Team for making the cool unlock all objects.asi



- Now comes with scripts version/.cs
- Miscellaneous tweaks on some myth

v 0.9b:

- Added 3 new myth and 2 misc. myth
- Tweaked previous myth
- Added fence in the Maze at the Kortz Center so Andreas can't go away from the maze
- Tweaked relationship every peds in Stab City, the Johnny's Crew will be act much more dangerous


- Initial release: add 5 myth

Hope you have fun!

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San Andreas Creatures v0.9c
San Andreas Creatures v0.9c San Andreas Creatures v0.9c San Andreas Creatures v0.9c San Andreas Creatures v0.9c San Andreas Creatures v0.9c San Andreas Creatures v0.9c San Andreas Creatures v0.9c

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