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Personal Driver v1.1.3

Author: T-Mind
Date: 24.03.2016
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personal driver 1.1.3 ( new keys, new features, easier handling )

- only women as driver
- 5 driver modes ( slow, medium, fast, faster, no rules )
- all modes are without stops on red lights
- plus seat switching
- plus passengers on all possible seats ( only women too, the women are your bodyguards ;) )

what can you do:
- first change the view to ego...
- let you drive arround the whole world and watch the nice game and listen to music
- you can take place on every seat of any vehicle and let you drive arround
- you can hang outside of cars and see the world with fib agents eyes
- you can take place on weapon seats
- you can make drive by's ( your bodyguards shot at your targets too ;) )
- enioy the unknown perspectives

how to do:
- choose a car
- fill up with women
- choose the driver of your choise
- switch to the seats you like to sit / hang
- drive arround or be a badass
- passengers are your bodyguars and will fight

T - switches the 5 driving modes, at the sixt time the player is the driver again
Z - switches the seat
U - women take place on all seats ( the old peds will replaced )
G - all women will leave
W - you are instantly the driver ( simply good for W-A-S-D-key-setup-player )
1 - change ped model components and properties ( not all peds have more than one medel )
2 - change driver model

you can change the keys in the *.ini file


put personal_driver_1.0.dll and the personal_driver.ini in the script folder of gta.

change-log 1.1.3
- fixed model changing when drive style is not choosen
- you can now swith model owned components and styles even when you are not in a car.
- i found out when and why the pets attacks you after you fired them
its a problem with the ownership of the car and i don't can handle it =/
- ... so i decided that is now a feature xD
when you fired the pets and you enter ( or leave and enter ) your car the peds will attack you :)
you are safe when you stay in the car and drive away
and when you are not in the car and don't enter your car again.
- peds also drive boats ( i found out too xD )
- peds don't can handle planes
- peds can hold position in helicopters or fly straight, if someone shots at you they could fly realy stupid. :(
- because its easter i put the journey_inside mod in the rar archieve ( better posters and changed washing boxes to condom megboxes )

change-log 1.1.2:

- fixed leaving bodyguards after switching

change-log 1.1:

- now you can switch the seats with peds ( there dont have to be a free seat anymore )
- switching includes the driver now
- all peds leave the player if you press G ( before: the driver stands by you )
- the driver don't leave if you leave the vehicle ( she turns to a bodyguard like the others )
- you can switch the drive modes without changing the driver model
- you can change ped model-components and model-properties ( not all peds have more than one model )
- you can change the driver-model seperately ( only the driver ) if you wish to change another:
·hit Z till your favorit model is the driver
( no i will not build a menu for it ;p )
- no issues with motorcycles and after crashes
- if you have the car full of passengers you can also use Z to switching the seats, you only have to set the drive style and the

driver will do here job, you don't loose a ped model
- the peds have more life and armor
- i edited the screenshot for a prudish american butcher xD
( i told friends about it, dude, all where laughing about it, no one can understand such disproportionately between harmless breasts

and slaughter people brutaly in the game... but i accept your opinion and changed the screen shot, have fun ;) )

- if anyone wants the soucre, write me a pm, i don't have much time to make more changes, maybe you have the skills ( language: c# )

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Personal Driver v1.1.3
Personal Driver v1.1.3 Personal Driver v1.1.3 Personal Driver v1.1.3 Personal Driver v1.1.3 Personal Driver v1.1.3 Personal Driver v1.1.3

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