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Time Scaler 1.7

Author: mankaston14
Date: 05.03.2016
Downloads: 3905
Filesize: 67.441 KB

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Scale the time speed by accessing the ingame menu.
Possible speeds:

Normal (2s real = 1m ingame)
Stop Time
Time x 2 (1s = 1m)
Time x 30 (1s = 15m)
Time x 60 (1s = 30m)
Time x 120 (1s = 1h)
Time x 240 (1s = 2h)
Time x 480 (1s = 4h)
Time x 960 (1s = 8h)
Time / 2 (4s = 1m)
Time / 4 (8s = 1m)
Time / 8 (16s = 1m)
Time / 15 (30s = 1m)
Time / 30 (1m = 1m)
Time / 60 (2m = 1m)
Own rate

It's also possible to change the time manually:
Go forward 1 hour
Go backward 1 hour
Go forward 1 minute
Go backward 1 minute
Set to system time

Your settings can be remembered (= same time speed on next game start) by turning on the option in the ingame menu.

You can also set an own rate by changing the value OWNRATE in the time_scaler.ini file.
OWNRATE = x means x realtime milliseconds for 1 ingame minute to pass. Some examples:
Realtime x | Ingame time passed per second
... | ...
500 | 120s = 2m
1000 | 60s = 1m
2000 | 30s (default)
4000 | 15s
8000 | 7.5s
... | ...
Place TimeScaler.asi and time_scaler.ini in the GTA V directory where the ScriptHookV is also placed.
More info on ScriptHookV:

Control Keys
You can edit the keys for the menu in the time_scaler.ini file using the Symbolic Constant Name you can find on this website:
Or set to NO_KEY if you don't want the key to work at all.
The default keys are:
F6 to open
NUMPAD 5 to enter
NUMPAD 0 to go back
NUMPAD 8 for up
NUMPAD 2 for down

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Time Scaler 1.7

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