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Paint Your Custom Color

Author: mrchazta
Date: 29.12.2015
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Actually at first i made this mod just for personal use only.
But i think this mod will also useful for you since there is no color picker feature
in the game.

With this mod now you can create your desire color for your (non-livery) vehicle even a Lazer You can also create hundreds of colors that you can not find inside the game.

If you found a good mix of colour, you can save it to apply to another next vehicle.

-when you inside any vehicle just stop the vehicle and press F9 to enter menu,
-Press W or S to navigate Red Green Blue or Save Color
-press A or D to increase / decrease intensity
-while press A or D you can press LShift for faster increase/decrease.
-Press Space and A or D to change between primary / secondary color edit
-in primary or secondary mode edit, navigate to "Save color" and press LControl and S to save your color.
-Only need 1 color on your vehicle? just press LShift and L to set secondary color same like primary color.

[after saving color]
-in any vehicle you can instantly (without press F9 to enter menu) press LCtrl and L to load your color
-it will automatically load and apply your saved primary and secondary saved color.

//happy playing..

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Paint Your Custom Color
Paint Your Custom Color Paint Your Custom Color Paint Your Custom Color

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