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When Pigs Fly 1.2

Author: TheGTAKingOfficial | Email
Date: 15.06.2015
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This modification will make police cars fly! There are also still helicopters! These vehicles have different rotating parts due to where the vehicle dummies are located. There was a bug where the vehicle would not spawn as much due to them flying. I made custom dispatch.meta that will allow more vehicles to fly through the air.

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Vehicles Modified:
-Vapid Police Cruiser
-County Sheriff
-Vapid Police Interceptor

**Update 1.2**
Huge shout out to Yard1 for his Better Wanted Level System Police Spawning 2.2.0 mod! I have modified it to where there are still ground vehicles and air vehicles. I also improved the amount of spawning for the flying vehicles. I replaced the Vapid Police Buffalo with the County Sheriff's vehicle.

**Update 1.1**
Improved spawning system for police vehicles. Before they had trouble detecting the player.

How to install:
**Make sure to make backups**

For dispatch.meta
1.Start OpenIV
2.Go to GTA V / update / update.rpf / common / data
3.Replace dispatch.meta

For vehicles.meta
1.Start OpenIV
2.Go to GTA V / update / update.rpf / common / data / levels / gta5
3.Replace vehicle.meta


If you find any bugs, please let me know!

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When Pigs Fly 1.2
When Pigs Fly 1.2 When Pigs Fly 1.2 When Pigs Fly 1.2

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