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Shell, BP, Caltex Petrol Stations + Gas Tank Trailers V3.2 (FIXED)

Author: [email protected]
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Date: 28.05.2015
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Hello, 3.2 version of the mod runs properly and there isn’t any interruptions or breakdowns in the game. You can download and install it safely. In addition, I included the original files of the game in this version so you can restore backups whenever you want. Have fun and good luck.

========[ FOR SINGLEPLAYER ONLY ]========
Modding in GTA Online is not allowed and could get you a ban. This mod is NOT for online use.

==============[ Requirements ]===============

Backup x64j.rpf, x64k.rpf, x64l.rpf and dlc.rpf files before the installation.

============[ Install Instructions ]===========
1- Download the latest version of OpenIV program from address.
2- After installing the program you will see a window for selecting game. Select GTA V Windows version.
3- Select GTA5.exe folder and click continue.
4- Now, you will see the files of the game. Click on Edit Mode button found on the upper part of the program.
5- Copy the files on the specified folders respectively. Open the folder where you will copy the files, drag and drop them.

id2_13_gas_02.ydr file found in Shell - 1 folder in --> x64j.rpf/levels/gta5/_citye/indust_02/id2_13.rpf
sc1_09_gasem.ydr file found in Shell - 2 folder in --> x64k.rpf/levels/gta5/_citye/scentral_01/sc1_09.rpf
kt1_11_gas.ydr file found in Caltex folder in --> x64l.rpf/levels/gta5/_cityw/koreatown_01/kt1_11.rpf
sc1_21_gas.ydr file found in BP folder in --> x64k.rpf/levels/gta5/_citye/scentral_01/sc1_21.rpf
tanker.ytd and tanker+hi.ytd files found in Gas Tank Trailer folder in --> update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday2ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf

Thats All! Enjoy and Have Fun :)

Thanks to:
Rockstar Games - Nice layouts of textures for easy editing.
OpenIV team - Brilliant mod tool!
Neodymium (on - Texture Toolkit program

Change Log
Fixed corrupt download
Updated Readme
Bug fixes
Added gas tank trailers
Added back up files
Added Bp, Caltex petrol Stations
--Initial Release

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Shell, BP, Caltex Petrol Stations + Gas Tank Trailers V3.2 (FIXED)
Shell, BP, Caltex Petrol Stations + Gas Tank Trailers V3.2 (FIXED) Shell, BP, Caltex Petrol Stations + Gas Tank Trailers V3.2 (FIXED) Shell, BP, Caltex Petrol Stations + Gas Tank Trailers V3.2 (FIXED)

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