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Simple Trainer for GTA V 2.4

Author: sjaak327 | Email
Date: 26.05.2015
Downloads: 252003
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Various options normal to any trainer, the world's simplest speedometer, either in KM/H or MP/H or both, 60 Teleporting options that can be customized using the trainerv.ini, 12 vehicle spawning options assigned to hotkeys, which also can be customized using trainer.ini, all other car models can be spawned by using the menu. you can force a default station in each vehicle you enter, or when using the mobile radio, both configurable in game and using the trainer.ini You can change your player model using the menu.

It also features time and weather options, and a bunch of car options Also any predefined teleport slot can be customized in game, overwriting the predefined values

The trainer also includes bodyguard /ped spawning, any model can be spawned, any weapon can be given , defaults in trainer.ini, these can also be altered using the bodyguard menu in game. In additional to bodyguards, also drivers, combat peds and peds and drivers that attack the player can be spawned. Normal peds can be given a total of ten tasks. You can assign the same tasks to the last spawned ped. You can set the bodyguards to follow you in a car. You can also select a specific ped and do stuff on the selected ped.

The trainer includes the mobile radio, which works outside of the car, all features that are available with the normal radio, also work with the mobile radio.

Trainer.ini contains the defaults section, where you can set certain settings to be enabled on game start.

More information and installation instructions available in the ReadMe

Changes from 2.1
-Thanks to Flavaone, quite a few teleports have been added or corrected.
-Many interios have been added, thanks to Taazr for his video, which I used to add those.
-Blackout in options menu 2.
-Weapon Damage modifier, enable and set the modifier, saved when using save all settings, both weapon and melee modifiers are enabled, this allows for one hit kills.
-Ability to set Tattoos for Player Models and MP-freemode Male and Female models. Both for the player and for bodyguards/peds, also ability to save using the save clothes slot. Be aware that I cannot detect tattoos,
so only the tattoos set by trainer will be saved and loaded. For Bodyguards, you can only save the one you last used when visiting the tattoo menu.
-Ability to set the color for Clock, Speedo, Coords, Player Health and Vehicle Health display. (options menu second page).
-Fixed the issue where after spawning two combat peds all peds fight each other.
-The above issue can be re-created and reset by using the Relationship menu (options menu page 2) which returns from IV trainer, you can set relationships between two groups and reset them.
First Select the two groups and then select relationships and press Num 5 on relationships.
-Changed everyone ignore, hopefully works better now, otherwise try and use the relationship menu.
-Ability to set pearls from all 160 colors instead of only 85.
-Another feature returns: Added Vehicles, ability to set model name, display name in added cars sections of trainerv.ini, each slot needs to be enabled in ini.
-Some mods with keybinds to single keys would prevent you from using those keys into functions where text input is needed, such as spawn by model name, I have changed those functions
and it should now be possible to use these keys whilst those mods are running.
-Keybinds, J+ num 8 for increase and J+ num 9 for decrease wanted level, S+ num 1 to equip a silencer on the fly.
-new task for peds: Follow.
-Attached Vehicles Menu (Object Menu, Attached Objects menu) which allows to attach a vehicle to another vehicle and move it in position. You can select amongst the last 5 spawned vehicles, providing they still exist.
-ability to specify a subfolder in V's main folder to search for ini files for object spawning, this ensures ini files in V's main directory are not included,
you need to specify the folder in defaults section of trainerv.ini, for instance if you want to use the folder Map Mods, you would do the following: ObjectIniFolder=Map Mods,
this will make the trainer search for ini files only in main V folder\map mods, and will therefore not search in the main V folder for ini files. You of course need to move the objects ini files to the same folder.
if you don't set the value, it will continue to search for ini files in the main V folder and all subdirectories of the main V folder.
-Ability to switch between the normal SP map and the DLC2 MP map, this enables the Heist Yacht and Carrier to be loaded without any additional mods required,
this will also enable the updated High end Apartments, some lobbies, the police station and the High Life Apartments. You can switch back and forth on the fly
but be aware switching will take some time, game appears to be frozen, but it's just loading/unloading in the background. Credits to Guadmaz for finding the natives that allow for this.
this function can be saved at game start, just enable MP map, use save all settings and the next time you will start with the MP map, it will also auto load the Yacht and the Carrier.
Be aware that we found some downgrades to the safe houses and that playing with the MP map enabled might not be compatible with some story line missions, you have been warned.
-Alexander Blade has fixed the object limit (250) and will release a new version of his hook in the near future. I have therefore increased the number of objects I track
to 2048 (which is the absolute limit). Also 500 objects will now be saved to ini file instead of 250 previously. I was able to spawn as many as 1855 objects in game, but this number might
be lower in different areas of the map. The trainer will no longer crash when you have exceeded the limit.
For this to work, you need to wait for Alexander Blade to release the newest scripthook, which should be soon.

Changes from 2.2
-No Helmet, options second page
-No Police Helicopters, options second page
-Kill all Nearby peds, options second page (just because we can)
-Explode all Nearby Vehicles, options second page (couldn't resist)
-Everyone Ignore now works correctly
-Get Damaged object ID (damage an object and run the option from object menu) this will give you the hash and the name (providing the trainer has the name stored). It will also show up in the spawn by model name screen.
-Object View, in objects menu, this is code from Alexander blade, slightly modified. It will display the object hash of objects around you,
be aware that due to the many text entries, this might interfere with the menu, for specific targettted objects use the get damaged object ID function.
-ability to load map mods (ini files) on startup, create the folder autoload inside V's main directory and just place the ones you want to start in this folder.
-added Snow in SP, using code from GTAMultiplayer Team, in Weather Menu.

ini changes:

NoHelicopters=0 //No Police Helicopters
EnableSnow=0 //Enable Snow
NoHelmet=0 //No Helmet

Changes from 2.3
-ability to play animation for all spawned Bodyguards/Peds.
-unload North Yankton (teleport menu).
-snow will work again on latest patch.
-updated the global that prevents "recording UI" when using controller.

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Simple Trainer for GTA V 2.4

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