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Pro BMX Mod 2.0

Author: MrGTAmodsgerman
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Date: 14.05.2015
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GTA 5 PC Pro BMX Mod 2.0 By MrGTAmodsgerman

This Mod change the handling of the BMX in GTA V.
Now its very easy to stunt like a Pro (for grinding) and its very useful for Stunt Videos.
Its now very easy to make a Front Wheelie and a Back Wheelie with a high angle.
You can fail your Stunts more realistic than before.
You can make saltos and backflips more easier.
You can move your BMX faster in the air.
Brakes are now more realistic and stronger.

Backup File (for uninstall) and Manual Install included

Update Notes:
Removed high jumps
More Front/Back Wheelie Angle
Reduced Air Movement
Increased Brakes

lean Forward = More speed to the front but no gentle exercise but long jumps
lean Back = Less speed but soulful movements and higher jumps

I recommend you to use a controller (it is alot easier)

How to Install?
1.Download and Install OpenIV.
2.Go to C:\YOURFOLDER\YOURFOLDER\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ and go in the Edit Mode!
3.Do a Right click on the "handling.meta" file and choose "replace".
4.Choose the modded handling.meta file from the "Modded" Folder of the Download!.
5.Click on Rebuild and close all.
6.Done :)

I hope you like it :)
Give me a feedback please to make the mod better! Thx

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Pro BMX Mod 2.0
Pro BMX Mod 2.0

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