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Lowered Sultan

Author: NRVNA
Date: 12.05.2015
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Hey guys, I am a massive fan of JDM Subaru's and I loved the camber look on the Subarus! Sadly I have not figured out to get camber on the vehicles without vehicle mods but I decided to lower it and bump up the acceleration and power a tiny bit!

Please note
The front tyres will stick out a tiny bit due to it being so lowered, I found by using the "tuner" rims it makes the tyre size smaller which removes the tyre sticking out until you turn corners!

This does not require any suspension upgrades in LSC so if you want to go lower it is possible! (Photo is without suspension upgrade)

I do know that there is a glitch that lowers the car but this lowers it even further + removes the risk of damaging your car!

If you have already modded your handling and wish to add the line to your handling.meta, the line is added to my YouTube video:

1. Open OpenIV
2. Go to update > update.rpf > common > data
3. Enable edit mode
4. Replace handling.meta with downloaded file

I appreciate you downloading and if you have any request please let me know!

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Lowered Sultan
Lowered Sultan

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