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Super Fast Traffic - Warp Eleven V

Author: Synchronex
Date: 09.05.2015
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From the creator of *almost* absolutely nothing in particular comes a mod for GTA V: "Warp Eleven V". This is 1.0.

This mod is based and born on Midtown Madness's 'Warp Eleven" cheat, in which the player would name themselves "Warp Eleven". Once they got into the game, all the traffic would be moving at warp speed if done correctly.

WARNING: FOR SINGLEPLAYER ONLY! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE MOD IN GTA ONLINE, I, Jesse, Synchronex of Triple 7 Studios am not responsible for any accounts banned or otherwise due to use of this mod.


Step 1: Download and Install Open IV 2.6

Step 2: Open your GTA V with Open IV, navigate to
"GTA V directory" -> "update" -> "update.rpf" -> "common" -> "data"

Step 3: Click "Edit Mode" in the top right-hand corner

Step 3a: Highly recommended to create a backup of handling.meta
(Do this by dragging the original "handling.meta" out of Open IV, this will automatically copy it)

Step 4: Right click the handling.meta (In Open IV) and click replace. Navigate to and replace the existing handling.meta with the one found in this mod, alternatively, drag and drop the handling.meta (found in this mod) straight into Open IV.

Step 5: (Rebuild the archive if you have to). Turn off Edit mode, close Open IV, fire up GTA V and have fun!

Thanks for using Warp Eleven V !
Courtesy of "Synchronex" (Jesse) at 'Triple 7 Studios"

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Super Fast Traffic - Warp Eleven V

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