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PRV - Project REVIVE

Author: MK_Dash
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Date: 15.10.2020
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Note -
Due to my life going to hell and back as I've said below, I'm sticking to the discord server for now. There is a new patch/update at the discord server which can be found here --

HELLO There !! How are y’all ? This is PRV. A Graphical Overhaul mod which aims to make the world of GTA V appear like a DREAM or a FANTASY. With re-designed timecycles , weathers and other files form ground up to give you a newer, smoother, fresher experience.

Several people have contributed to it and have helped us keep the mod alive. After a long year in Beta and frequent updates and bug fixes, PRV is now back better than ever with new visuals and features that will change the game forever. The mod now aims to make the game a completely dreamy world with bright and attractive visuals that make your jaw drop as you see a new thing each time u launch the game.
However this is probably going to be the last update for the mod, or so at least for a long time. Because I’ve got a lot of stuff coming into my life now. Career, mainly. I’ve got stuff to do, things to achieve in life. So, I’ve to leave behind this passion/hobby of mine and probably look back later in life.
Me and the team have tried our best to make the mod as beautiful and bug-free as possible.

Installation instructions inside. =]

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PRV - Project REVIVE
PRV - Project REVIVE PRV - Project REVIVE PRV - Project REVIVE PRV - Project REVIVE PRV - Project REVIVE PRV - Project REVIVE PRV - Project REVIVE

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