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Experience NVRX

Author: GTA-MasterOfficial
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Date: 23.06.2018
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Experience NVRX is customly made of NVR and Redux for gamers who want realism as well as colourful graphics

Watch This Awesome Gameplay of this Graphics Mod-

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Main Timecycle is from NVR

Timecycle Used


Installation video on my channel

Required files to download
1.Experience NVRX(already downloaded)
4.Gameconfig to avoid crash:


Before starting installing if you are new to modding then
First download and install OpenIV:
And Install asi plugins from asi manager of OpenIV
Install everything in mods folder

1(Optional).Download Redux any version and install in Mods Folder then dont install anyother things like reshade etc

2.Now Install NVR In Mods Folder

3.Install My Graphics Mod(Experience NVRX) In Mods Folder

4.Copy files from Main Files of NVR to GTA 5 directory
Install Enb files of NVR from Optional Add-ons

5.Install Scripthook And ScripthookDotNET In Game Directory

If you feel night is too dark
then install only my optional addons(modified from NVR)

Keep your Display Brightness from settings of Game to 75% For Best Experience.

Do not install this addons of NVR if you are using my custom graphics mod otherwise it will conflict with my Mod.
-First-Person Depth of Field
-First-Person Lens Flare
-Brighter Emergency Lights (LSPDFR)
-Brighter Nights
-Disable Third-Person Lens Flare
-Disable Wet Roads Effect
-Different Rain Puddles

Other Addons you can install from NVR

If you want to install this addons then install from optional addons of Experience NVRX
-Brighter Nights
-Disable Third-Person Lens Flare
-Different Rain Puddles

6.Install Gameconfig of your Game version in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data

Recommended Mods By Razed
Download from Readme of NVR

v1.0-Initial Release
v2.0-Gets updated timecycle of NVR And Redux,Cloudy timecycle gets replaced by NVR,Rain timecycle gets replaced by Redux
v2.1-Adds FX Effects in Optional Addons(Highly Recomended) And Screenshots.

-Simple Trainer (The only trainer you should use to change weathers)
-Extended Video Export (Saves each video frame as a high quality screenshot with motion blur)
-Time Scaler (Lets you create a timelapse in realtime)

Texture Mods
-Real California Architecture <-- Highly Recommended
-Real California License Plates
-L.A. Real Santa Monica & Venice Beach
-Real Life Venice Beach
-L.A Billboards

Recommended Mods By Me
-FX Effects:
-L.A. Vegetation:
-Redux Roads:
-Realistic Reflection for any ENB:
Special Thanks to Razed-Creator of NVR
Special Thanks to Josh Romito-Creator of Redux

Mods Used In This Graphics Mod
-Loading Screen Wallpaper:

You can install ReShade of Redux But then you will not get feeling of NVR so better dont use it.

Why I had rearranged files and make this graphics mod?
-->I created this for those who want experience of both graphics mod.

Disclaimer:I do not owe any right to any files used in this mod I have just rearranged the files of NVR And Redux.

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Experience NVRX
Experience NVRX Experience NVRX Experience NVRX Experience NVRX Experience NVRX Experience NVRX Experience NVRX

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