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British Radio Adverts

Author: TheNathanNS
Date: 24.03.2017
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GTA 5: British Radio Adverts (V1)

By TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod attempts to overhaul the advertisements found on the radio with those from the United Kingdom.

Featuring genuine British radio adverts from British Gas, Churchill ASDA, BT, McCains, Wonga, Halifax, Go Compare and many, many more.

As this mod replaces a load of files, there's a high chance you will even hear British adverts when at places like Vespucci Beach.

To view the list of ads, check the "List of new ads" text file or click on the picture.

Why make this mod?

Well, as someone who's been a day one player since the Xbox 360, the ingame ads have grown really tiresome to me and plus I love British-themed mods anyway.

Currently, I have replaced approximately 73% of them (112 out of 152) so you should (hopefully) hear British themed adverts for the majority.

This does NOT replace Weazel News segments nor does it replace any ingame billboards, so you will still hear and see the original GTA ones (unless you have them modded too ofc)

And before someone says "it's supposed to be Los Angeles, not Yorkshire/Midlands/London" (like I see on every British mod page)

Remember, no one's forcing you to have this mod and remember people have the freedom of choice with how they want their GTA to be.

2.) Installation


Using OpenIV, go to Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx\RADIO_ADVERTS.rpf\, make sure Edit Mode is enabled

Then right click anywhere, and select "Import OpenFormats" and then highlight all the .OAC files (or press CTRL and A) then import

wait about 10 seconds, then you're done!

Just gotta hope the next ad you hear is a British one! (remember: 25% chance it won't be, for now)

Ad numbers are their respective file names, not me being unable to count.
Ad 01: Microsoft Office 365
Ad 02: NOWTV
Ad 03: BT Sport
Ad 05: Butlins
Ad 06: Holiday Inn
Ad 07: EDF Energy
Ad 08: Nandos
Ad 09: Children with Cancer Charity
Ad 10: Digital Radio
Ad 11: DVLA
Ad 12: AutoTrader
Ad 14: Go Compare
Ad 16: Tesco Price Drop
Ad 18/19: National Lottery
Ad 20: o2 Pay as You Go
Ad 21: Nesquik
Ad 22: Direct Line
Ad 24: Met Police Counter Terrorism
Ad 25: ADT Security
Ad 28: Robinsons
Ad 30: British Gas
Ad 32: MG Motors
Ad 37: More Than
Ad 38: Volkswagen
Ad 39: Royal Mail
Ad 40: Direct Line
Ad 41: Churchill
Ad 42: Wonga
Ad 43: Subway
Ad 45: BT
Ad 50: ASDA Mobile
Ad 52: Blinkbox
Ad 53: Halifax
Ad 54: Lloyds TSB
Ad 56: National Blood Service
Ad 58: McCains'
Ad 65: Virgin Media
Ad 67: Coca-Cola
Ad 68: Walkers
Ad 70: Strongbow
Ad 72: Tesco Clubcard
Ad 73: Ribena
Ad 82: Yell!
Ad 80: Clinque
Ad 83: Twix
Ad 86: BMW
Ad 87: Autoglass
Ad 90: Vauxhall
Ad 91: Time to Change
Ad 92: Barclays
Ad 93: SuperSavvyMe
Ad 94: DFS
Ad 95: Think Bike, Think Biker
Ad 96: Fire Kills
Ad 97: HM Revenue and Customs

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British Radio Adverts

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