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Road America Drift Layout

Author: The Puffing Panda
Date: 06.12.2015
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I have tried to recreate the Road America track layout into GTA, this is my 3rd Map i hope you enjoy.

I have just done the track layout nothing more nothing less, i aim to have least impact on systems perfomance.

Please check the map location and track layout in the screenshots

To use this .xml map you will need the Map Editor by Guardmaz

You will need to disable traffic with a trainer also found on this website.

I have made a video of the track here at

Copy roadamerica.xml to your GTA V directory
Once in game, open Map Editor with F7 and choose Load Map,
Then choose load map and type 'roadamerica' and press enter and within 30 seconds max it will be loaded.

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Road America Drift Layout
Road America Drift Layout Road America Drift Layout Road America Drift Layout

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