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Los Santos Rally Map Pack [MENYOO]

Author: Tank Guy
Date: 06.12.2015
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Notes: You need the up to date Menyoo trainer by MAFINS to use these maps. Download it here

I would advise using a no traffic mod, especially for the road parts. I didn't for the videos because it messes up the Rockstar Editor.

I would also advise using my offroad handling mod as it makes it far more fun due to the increased speed and the cars can actually take the bumps without flying off the road. Download it here

Stage 1:
This is a dirt stage winding through the Tataviam Mountains past the Land Act Reservoir. It starts with a technical ascent up and and around a mountain before crossing the dam and racing alongside the reservoir. It then opens up to a faster section towards the end.

Stage 2:
This is a mixed surface stage starting where Stage 1 finished part way up the Senora Freeway with a very fast dirt section up into the Grand Senora Desert past the prison then onto Route 68 before turning sharply into Sandy Shores.

Stage 3:
This stage is dominated by a long dirt straight alongside the train track which may sound simple but it is very bumpy meaning you could be thrown off course when you least expect it.

Stage 4:
Possibly the most difficult stage, this follows an extremely narrow and twisty dirt path alongside Raton Canyon with a mountain on one side and a massive drop on the other. Then you cross over the bridge at the end and go back up the other side of the canyon along a much faster and wider path.

Stage 5:
The final stage flies alongside the Zancudo River along a high speed dirt path before coming into a more technical section near Fort Zancudo which may catch you out and then opening up into some long sweeping turns snaking to the finish.

Stages 1-5 straight after each other resulting in a gruelling 9 mile course.

Special Stage 1 - H1:
This is a hill climb course starting just down the road from Fort Zancudo consisting of two dirt paths with lots of tight corners joined by a brief patch of tarmac.

Special Stage 2 - H2:
This second hill climb starts on the west corner of the Grand Senora desert and climbs up a dirt path which starts off relatively straight but quickly becomes much more technical with several hairpins and tight chicanes. After that you come to the tarmac section winding up towards Vinewood Hills before turning up towards the Observatory and then onto another dirt path up towards the summit of the hill.

Special Stage 3 - T1:
This tarmac stage winds it's way through the narrow streets of Vinewood Hills meaning you need to be inch perfect to keep your car out of the walls.

Special Stage 4 - T2:
Starting on Route 68, this course is more open than the first tarmac stage but still requires a lot of attention as you twist through the first tight section through the vineyards which then opens up onto faster middle and final sections consisting of mid and high speed turns.

Special Stage 5 - RX:
This rallycross course is a small, technical, muddy course near the prison with several large jumps.

Special Stage 6 - M1:
The first mixed surface stage starts behind the Vinewood sign, racing down a dirt path for the first technical section before opening up onto a high speed tarmac section and then finishing with a very tight final dirt section.

Special Stage 7 - M2:
This stage begins with a blast through the tunnel under Mount Chiliad then enters a high speed dirt section interspersed with tight hairpins. After that there is a medium speed tarmac section through Grapeseed followed by a brief dirt section through a farm before finishing up just outside the Humane Labs.

Installation instructions in Read Me.

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Los Santos Rally Map Pack [MENYOO]
Los Santos Rally Map Pack [MENYOO] Los Santos Rally Map Pack [MENYOO] Los Santos Rally Map Pack [MENYOO]

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