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Triple Mega Wallrides Level Design [Hard]

Author: wwwweduardobr
Date: 29.07.2015
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1: Copy objects.ini or objetos1.ini for gta folder v, if you have another file named objects in your folder gta v place 1,2,3 or 4 in front of the objects name and press the trainer
2 : Download the Simple Trainer 2.1 or higher from sjaak327 ! ( )
3: Go to the object spawning the trainer menu
5: Go to Load/Save Objects
6: Press Load objects from objecjts.ini
I do not know why, but it takes a few seconds to load the structure compeltamente
It contains 228 objects.this is my second gta map mod , I'll do more and enjoy, any error let me know.

objetos.ini: you spawn on the ground to no platform fall hazard, use this only if you are falling off the platform
objetos1.ini: you spawn on the platform in the air

objetos.ini : você desova no chão para não haver perigo de queda da plataforma,use esse apenas se voçe estiver caindo da plataforma
objetos1.ini : voce desova na plataforma no ar

Attention: Do not open a file and then objects opens another because the game will crashar.voçe need to delete the last 500 objects and then open another file objetos.ini
were 13 hours of tralbaho in two days

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Triple Mega Wallrides Level Design [Hard]
Triple Mega Wallrides Level Design [Hard] Triple Mega Wallrides Level Design [Hard] Triple Mega Wallrides Level Design [Hard]

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