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Atlantis City Mod

Author: Flash76
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Date: 16.10.2022
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GTS Addon / GTA V Mod Atlantis City

This is my biggest map project.

In a first time, like my "Karoon City" mod, this town was made to be used in "GTA Space mod" (you can find a working download link in Readme file). But now you can also load the map without using GTS. The town can appears on GTA V normal map, in the sea.

I decided to create an independent and secret modern city lost in the sea, called Atlantis, with greats buildings, houses, inhabitants, scenes and much more ...
There are also some interiors (urban loft, hangars, military base, and soon, offices, houses, bunker, etc).
This is the first version of this town, and I hope many others will follow :)

WARNING : This mod exceeds the limit of 2048 objects in the world, so it's recommended to be used on a quite high end computer. Even with it, you could have some lags, and you will have to load the map in an empty zone, without any other peds, vehicles or props (in ocean).


V1.00 First release : 6 districts, with airport, military base, business district, beach / tropical island, concert hall, factory, water desalination, power plant, trading port, urban loft, City Hall, restaurants, residential area, and much much more.
- You can access to a lot of roofs, with markers.
- Unfortunately, because of prop limit (which is already exceeded), the town looks like a bit empty, and there is no traffic.
- I am trying to seek for a solution for the prop limit problem, in order to make new updates (Ymap is not the solution, already tried ...).

If you have any problem with this mod, please leave a comment, we will try to solve it as fast as possible.

If you use this mod, and make any video / photo with my mods, please provide a link to my profile works / Facebook. Thank you !

Credits :
- GTS Devs for "Grand Theft Space" and all those who made it possible to create GTS mod
- Unknown Modder for "No Boundary Limits"
- Guadmaz for "Map editor"
- GTAMultiplayer Team for "Object Spawn Unlocker"
- A1Draco for "Increased Props"
- Shaezbreizh & Mixtro & Dekurwinator & BlueJeansGamer for "Custom Props Add-On"
- OmegaKingMods for "Map Builder"
- OpenIV Team, Alexander Blade, crosire & contributors ...

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Atlantis City Mod
Atlantis City Mod Atlantis City Mod Atlantis City Mod Atlantis City Mod Atlantis City Mod Atlantis City Mod Atlantis City Mod

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