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Beef and Chalk [MapEditor]

Author: HoldTheReggae
Date: 02.11.2019
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This is a map mod created using Map Editor, it's necessary that you have it installed on your GTA for my mod to work and be loaded, here is the link of the latest version:


!!!!!ABOUT THE MOD!!!!!

New mod coming right out the oven (after it was reheated 5 times 'cause I kept screwing with it), in my third addition I present to you Beef & Chalk: Gang Attacks, currently with a total of 5 different events happening inside Los Santos, bad blood, murders, revenge, everything involving all gangs, from families and ballas to lost and "triads" (i'm using any asian goons ped as triads since there's basically no other triad ped besides the DLC Characters, and as much as I'd love to have a gang full of Drunk Tao Chengs in the city, I wanna do better than that), since the game doesn't have a turf system like gta SA had, I wanted to at least create a few of these events to make gangs more relevant and prominent in Los Santos, possibly, eventually, around all of SA



You can drop it inside Grand Theft Auto V folder where your GTAV.exe is located.

Shortcut For Steam users: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Grand Theft Auto V

-if you want to be more organized than that, you can create a new folder just for Maps

--Tip: name the folder "1-WhateverNameYouWant", because the number 1 will make the folder stay on top of the list, this way whenever you're trying to load a map in Map Editor, you won't have to cycle through every folder and file that is there, your maps folder will already be right in front of your nose

Example: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Grand Theft Auto V/1-CustomMaps



Updated versions of this babyboy may be made but are not planned to be done for now, I'll hotfix any errors that you find on my part

-If you have any tips or ideas involving Map Editor, I'd be glad to know about it, I'll take requests too, if you got any empty space on your map you think it's cool, tell me where it is so I can put shit in it, I want to make more of these for sure!

--Thank you for downloading my mod, hope you enjoy it.

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Beef and Chalk [MapEditor]
Beef and Chalk [MapEditor] Beef and Chalk [MapEditor] Beef and Chalk [MapEditor]

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