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A Huge Mansion-Base

Author: RDK_Ulman
Date: 18.03.2018
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If you take a video with my map, please provide a link to my profile works.

ATTENTION! For my card needs the latest software:
- program "Map Editor"
- program "Menyoo"
- program "DLC Unlocker" (

I present to you one of my most serious works. This is a huge mansion, with a helipad, a pier for yachts and a huge garage for your cars. There is also a garage for the barrage military jeep. And yet, through the garage with a military jeep, you can get into a secret garage, which is a water aquabike with machine guns.

Peculiar properties:
- On the territory of the mansion there are first aid kits
- Almost all the Windows are destroyed
- The walls have the animation of the destruction. Very nice looking house in a ruined condition.
- The NTC have weapons series of MK2
- The model includes three versions:
First: It's just a modification, without people. It is designed so that you can easily explore all the attractions of this mansion.
Second: this modification contains the owner of the house, various servants, security, mechanics. Because of this, the mansion resembles a database. Also, this version is neutral. You can try to kill all quickly.
Third: version of likewise the second, but is aggressive. All NPCs in this version will attack you.
- There is a video where you can see the house.

Installation of the map:
1) Put the files .xml in your main gta v
2) Turn on the map editor.
3) load map xml
4) And... Be happy! :))

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A Huge Mansion-Base
A Huge Mansion-Base A Huge Mansion-Base A Huge Mansion-Base A Huge Mansion-Base A Huge Mansion-Base A Huge Mansion-Base A Huge Mansion-Base

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