GTA 5: Helis

AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ]

Author: SkylineGTRFreak
Date: 13.01.2024
Downloads: 576 | Statistics
Filesize: 41.687 MB

10.00 based on 15 votes

A new version of the AH-1Z now available for download. This is a completely new model and textures on top of new features compared to previous AH-1Z mod I have uploaded.

-Detailed exterior with custom normal and specular maps
-Detailed cockpit with working instruments
-4 liveries
-5 custom weapons including cannon, Hellfire missiles, Sidewinder missiles (tuning option), unguided rockets and flares
-rotating cannon barrels
-Bullet resistant (NOT PROOF) glass
-Retractable searchlight (landing gear button)
-Toggleable lights (headlights will also toggle position lights, highbeams will additionally toggle on formation lights)
-Custom hitbox
-Custom ingame name

VehFuncs V feature:
-spinning engine fans

HMLA-167 "Have Guns Will Travel" skin by: YakovlevThreeP
Squadron 303 skin by: YakovlevThreeP
QT 168520 skin by: hongocha

Before you use this, make sure to use the CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster by alexguirre to prevent the game from crashing during loading.

Check out Instagram to be up-to-date with WIP works and to submit livery requests for new airliners.

Thanks you for all your continuous support and feedback, allowing me to now have over 300 uploads here. Your comments, ratings and donations are what keep me going, so don't stop what you've been doing ;)

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AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ]
AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ] AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ] AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ] AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ] AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ] AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ] AH-1Z Viper [Add-On | VehFuncs V ]

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