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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz S600 W220

Author: Gta5KoRn, Dolmat
Date: 15.12.2016
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► Mercedes-Benz S600 W220 ◄

My 42nd car mod

Exclusive PRE-RELEASE was here:

- 3D model by Dolmat

- Add-on / Replace (Washington)
- at least patch 1.0.678 is required!

Version 2.0a
- Add-on added

Version 2.0
- Improved textures and materials
- More interior details
- Engine-window-interior stickers
- New wipers
- Animated wipers support
- Better windows collision
- Burn area
- Improved full body dirt
- Can't see through the body more, when you lost the bumpers
- Many another improvements

Version 1.0 (Pre-Release)
- 3D Engine
- Door sills / hinges
- Vibrating engine
- 1 extra: front license plate
- 4 Paint options:
● Paint 1: body
● Paint 2: Hubs
● Paint 4: Rims (paintable only via trainer)
● Paint 6: Interior (only via trainer in benny mod shop)
- Working steeringwheel
- Working dials (different on replace and add-on version)
- GTA 5 license plates (Front plate as extra)
- Breakable windows (with dirt and cracks on it)
- Dirt
- Working lights
- Bullet impact
- Hands on steeringwheel
- Correct car proportions
- HQ Panorama mirror reflections
- Correct door handle & opening
- Correct window tint (no tint on lights & windscreen)
- Correct seat positions for 4 peds
- Correct exhaust smoke position
- Correct neon lights position
- Correct platelight position

- Read the README file inside the archive

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Mercedes-Benz S600 W220
Mercedes-Benz S600 W220 Mercedes-Benz S600 W220 Mercedes-Benz S600 W220 Mercedes-Benz S600 W220 Mercedes-Benz S600 W220 Mercedes-Benz S600 W220 Mercedes-Benz S600 W220

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