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Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил

Author: FoxtrotDelta
Date: 20.11.2016
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Это подарок. от народа Пакистана, для людей России.

Zil Punisher [каратель зил] is a 4x4 MRAP Vehicle (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) Being Produced By ZIL in Russia. It was a Top secret Project until it was finally revealed by Vladimir Putin Russian President in 2016. it has urban and conventional War capabilities and , its armor is very strong as compared to other MRAP vehicles around the world.

The Punisher is one bad ass military vehicle. It seems to offer the best of both worlds between being a lightweight troop carrier and a heavily armored tank. What’s more is its ability to traverse unforgiving terrain and blast down smooth roads at speeds exceeding 90 mph.

In GTA 5
Watch the First Video under Screen shots for Full Features list.
Most fun Vehicle i have created so far :D


Three (3) Vehicle Models in DLC
1. Black Armed Version.
2. Khaki Armed Version.
3. Un Armed Version (BLack)

2 colors Black and Khaki

Custom Vehicle Weapons:
Press Tab or use Mouse wheel to,
switch between weapons
Coaxial Machine Gun [Very High Range].
Artillery Grenade Launcher [High Damange].
Smoke Screen (cloak) hides vehicle even,
on the move (slow speed)
360 Degrees horizontal Turret movement,
-15 to 40 degrees Barrel+Laucher Movement.
Custom FX and Animations of Weapons.

Four Wheel Drive [4WD].
4 Doors + Boot + Bonnet
Offroad Ability.
Mountain/Steep Climbing ability.
Increase Traction due to Fat Tyres.
Powerful Engine.
145 km/h 90 MPH Top Speed.
Custom Suspension Handling.
Visual Suspension Setting.
Right to Left Axel power Shift.
Heavy Armored Catagory.
Parking Sensors Activated.
Resistance to Mines and Sticky Bombs
Custom Camera positions.

Non Reflective Mate Paint
Antenna Move with Vehicle's momentum.
peds can open rear doors to shoot
Custom Designed Digital Dials
Dials show Turbo and Brakes indicators
Reallistic Working Rear view Mirrors
Functional Rear view Monitor Screen
at rear passenger seat
Dirt Mapped.
Burn Mapped.
Bullet Holes.
Metalic Scratches.
Targeting Pods Glow at night.
Ballistic-Proof Glass Breaks but late.
Puncture Proof Tyres [Wheels don't go Flat].

other features:
Near Perfect Collisions.
Scaled Properly according to Reallife.
Scaled Guardian for comparison.
Compelte Lods.

Note: please disable God mod. the tanks/turret vehicles in gta 5 glitch out/bug out with God mode turned on. [Invincibility turn it off.]

please read the pinned comment in the comment section on the right side of the page, for Add on installation or read it from rar file,There is no Replace version as, This vehicle uses My newly Created DLC weapons.

Future Updates: may include:
Bug Fixes please Report Bugs here.
Vehicle layout new.
More liveries?
Different window tint?

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Mod Author : FoxtrotDelta
Converted to GTA5 by : FoxtrotDelta

Mod is strictly not to be sold.if you have suggestions please leave a comment. :). have fun!

Special thanks to admins and owners of they provided us with such a great platform to share awsome stuff! Cheers

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Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил
Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил Punisher 4x4 MRAP [Add-On | HQ] каратель зил

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