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2016 Audi S1 [Add-On]

Author: TheAdmiester
Date: 10.09.2016
Downloads: 5991
Filesize: 14.757 MB

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Model Author: Kunos Simulazioni
Big thanks to baba0rum for countless bits of help

I quite like the look of this car, and GTA is sorely lacking any kind of fully modern hot hatch in terms of mods. Since there's no existing Audi A1 or S1 mod I thought it'd be a good change to practice converting from a non-GTA game. It's not perfect and I'm sure it never will be, but it looks nice and drives well.

- Working dials
- Standard features (opening doors, bonnet)
- Realistic light setup
- Working steering wheel
- L0 and low detail L1 model (will be improved in future)
- GTA plates
- Three colour slots: Main body is primary, roof is secondary, wheels are, well, wheels.
- Tuning wheels fit well
- Lights don't tint with windows
- Can still see out of windows when tinted (first person)
- Custom handling, modified from Issi (33/66 AWD split, more power)
- Front plate as extra

Known Issues:
- Glass doesn't break (it's set up right but just won't break, not too important though)
- DRLs don't quite look right
- Boot doesn't open due to the way Kunos modelled it
- No engine under the bonnet. It's not simply seethrough however so I left it as openable

- Add dlc.rpf to update\x64\dlcpacks\audis1\ or mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\audis1
- Add the following to dlclist.xml:

In-game spawn name: s1

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2016 Audi S1 [Add-On]
2016 Audi S1 [Add-On] 2016 Audi S1 [Add-On] 2016 Audi S1 [Add-On] 2016 Audi S1 [Add-On]

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