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14 Charger LSSD

Author: Codex Proligy
Date: 06.09.2016
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- Model Originally from Forza, Ripped by SNIT and converted to IV by VooDoobie and then heavily edited by VooDoobie
- Interior and other parts from Forza4/Humster3d Model Edited Heavily by VooDoobie - further edited by BxBugs123
- Chassis Edits by Policewag/SNIT
- 2013 Bumper by BxBugs123
- Skin Template by Voodoobie - Window Template by BxBugs123
- Code 3 x2100 Lightbar made by Bxbugs123 and penguin2254, modified and converted by gfxle.
- Code 3 x2100 modified to RX2700/Code 3 stand/REF3 T.A. modules by BxBugs123
- Alloy wheels by Fartknockr Converted by BxBugs123 - modified to correct hubcaps by BxBugs123
- Whelen PAR36 foglights by BxBugs123
- CVPI Pushbar by BxBugs123, modified heavily to '13 Charger Setina by BxBugs123
- Prisoner divider, dashcam, radar, GPS, spotlight, laptop stand by BxBugs123
- Antennas by PriMan - Modified to replicate Ohio State Patrol antennas by BxBugs123
- Whelen Outer Edges by Traumapak - lightly modified to Whelen LINZ6's by BxBugs123
- Console by Hilth
- Laptop, Whelen Censom, Motorola radio by PFCBarefoot
- Bearcat Uniden, Motorola Radio Speaker, Exterior radar mount by BxBugs123
- 2013 Charger Police AM/FM Radio by BxBugs123

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14 Charger LSSD
14 Charger LSSD

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