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2013 Audi S8 FSI

Author: TheAdmiester
Date: 19.08.2016
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Filesize: 8.682 MB

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Model Author: Firestone, KH
Conversion to GTA IV: Xperia

This is my first conversion and I'm not marketing it as a 1.0 just because there are still a few problems. We already have this S8 available on the site, but I thought with my conversion I'd include some extra features that newer GTA patches have brought us. However, the car works perfectly in game and serves nicely as some eye candy so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

- All typical model features
- L0/L1 model
- Detailed but not too poly-heavy (120,000-ish)
- Working indicator lights
- Working Daytime Running Lights
- 1 extra (navigation system in the centre console
- Working GTA 5 plates
- Interior lights work (gauge/button lights turn on with engine)
- Paintable interior (secondary colour slot)
- Paintable stock rims (rim colour slot)
- Vibrating exhausts
- Working steering wheel
- Medium quality interior
- All doors + boot/bonnet work
- Breakable glass

Known issues:
Criticism is welcome, but if reporting an issue in the comments or leaving a negative rating, please note that the following are already known issues:
- Dials don't work
- Steering wheel rotates oddly (looks good enough to work in first person however)
- The Audi badges, the S8 badges and some other areas aren't shiny enough
- The door windows break oddly and can't be fully shot out
- Brake discs aren't visible
- The area between the bottom of the windshield and the bonnet can be seen through
- .ytd is a bit big

I'm aiming to fix these problems but I'm still a beginner with ZModeler and I don't have long left on my trial, so I can't promise anything.

- Rename s8.yft, s8_hi.yft, and s8.ytd to replace any four door car of your choice. I recommend Schafter2 as the handling seems to work best there.

If I have the time I may eventually set up a custom handling line so it works for any car.

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2013 Audi S8 FSI
2013 Audi S8 FSI 2013 Audi S8 FSI 2013 Audi S8 FSI 2013 Audi S8 FSI 2013 Audi S8 FSI 2013 Audi S8 FSI

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