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Car Trailer 2016 [Add-On]

Author: GtaGam3r
Date: 17.07.2016
Downloads: 1259
Filesize: 2.66 MB

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Spent 2 weeks to made this car trailer for Gta 5.

This car trailer is combination of boat trailer and big car trailer,so i merge this two vehicles to create one.

Please dont judge me too much lol,i am new in this,and i spend 3 weeks to learn basics in Zmodeler 2 and 3,and two weeks textures kidding me and i finally make it.

I hope you will enjoy and follow me because i have 3 project in background who i need to finish.

Special thanks to Oleg from Zmodeler forum who have nerves to teach me some stuff.

Vehicles who can hook trailer are:
Vapid Sadler 1 and 2
Vapid Bobcat XL
Bravado Bison 1,2 and 3

Off course OpenIV and go to:
1.) mods->update->x64->dlcpacks->create folder and name it "cartr16" and paste there dlc.rpf from rar file.
2.) mods->update->update.rpf->common->data and find dlclist.xml ,drag on desktop,open with notepad and add next line:
see pinned comment on right
Save it and drag back into openIv.
3.) mods->update->update.rpf->common->data->levels->gta5-> and paste here vehicles.meta from my rar file

Spawn Trailer in game with trainer name by: cartr16

- Some players having memory error after spawning trailer so that is fixed now.
- added licence plate

►Upcoming upgrades:
Licence plates and back lights

p.s. dont ask me for replace because this vehicle cant replace any trailer in game without having errors.

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