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Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition

Author: Machyna
Date: 06.07.2016
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Tuned for racing, the KZ1-R is still a pure road car in every right, but with the invigoration of a GT3 racer. The front lip spoiler has been updated with a pronounced splitter for increased down-force. Also unlike the KZ1, the race version features a larged fixed racing wing, in place of the small spoiler. The headlights have been stripped down to the essentials, with HID bulbs and turn signals, losing the silver and crystallized look of the KZ1. The rear fenders of the car have also been increased slightly to house the larger wheelbase. The wheels are forged aluminum alloy, to further reduce curb weight. The interior of the car has been completely stripped. Power windows and seating have been removed. Fine leather is replaced by alcantara, cloth, and carbon fiber racing seats. Much of the interior is made of carbon fiber, and what isn't is either plastic or aluminum. Replacing these creature comforts is and integral roll cage, which adds rigidity to the car's body during races. The KZ1-R is stripped its luxury but not without a benefit. Curb weight is reduced to an astounding 1250 kg(), which is helped by its carbon fiber monocoque chassis and body shell. Ascari plans to only produce 50 specimens of the KZ1-R model.

All screenshots after the speedometer are by @kizacudo.

Instructions included in the download.

Paint 1 - Body
Paint 2 - rollcage/interior

Rollcage is set as Extra 1.

If someone wants to make a livery for this just message me and ill make a template for now the car does not have a template.

Hands on steering wheel
HQ textures
All textures have a bumpmap.
Working Dials
All basic car features

Non that i know of

Side note
People who are using a pirated for older version of GTA 5 before the stirling gt was released will not have sound from this car.

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Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition
Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition Ascari KZ1R Limited Edition

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