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Pagani Huayra 2014 [ADDON] HQ

Author: SmOkiNjOe
Date: 27.06.2016
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Using this method gives you a complete new car to your GTA V collection of cars. The car has its own handling.meta file etc. You are creating the cars very own dlc pack.

Before you start, open OpenIV, click on tools>ASI Manager. Make sure everything is installed (all green). This makes sure that the mods folder is supported.



Beige Interior skin included as optional extra.


1. Follow the folder structure in the included mods folder to create the Huayra dlc pack. In your GTA V install directory, you need a mods folder. If you don't have one, simply create it. You should end up with the following tree inside your GTA V folder: \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\huayra\dlc.rpf

2. Now open OpenIV, go to \update\update.rpf\common\data and extract the file dlclist.xml to your desktop. Open it with notepad and add a line under the existing items: dlcpacks:\huayra\
Line it up with the existing entries, then save and close. I've included my own dlclist.xml as a reference so you can see how it should look. Only add the above line, as I have others which you may not have.

3. Make sure OpenIV is in edit mode, then drag and drop the dlclist.xml from your desktop back to where you extracted it. This will overwrite it, now updated with the extra line.


That's it... start GTA V and use any trainer which can spawn cars by name. Use huayra as the name to spawn.


-- SmOkiNjOe.


Author: Project C.A.R.S Forza Motorsport TheCrew Grid Racing 2
Converting: Vans123
[ADDON]: SmOkiNjOe

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Pagani Huayra 2014 [ADDON] HQ
Pagani Huayra 2014 [ADDON] HQ Pagani Huayra 2014 [ADDON] HQ Pagani Huayra 2014 [ADDON] HQ

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