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1966 Chevrolet II Nova SS

Author: Zievs
Date: 18.04.2016
Downloads: 5071
Filesize: 8.539 MB

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[SokudoChasers Modding Group]

Hey, time to release the Nova i worked on lately... It's not the best model, but it is okay. I have some cool tuning im gonna add in later...

= All basic features like rotations etc. =
= Breaking windows =
= Correct lights =
= 3D parts =
= 3 Lods =
= Hands position is almost 100% =

= Some bad textures =
= No dials =
= Dials also not glowing, some other interior parts are =
= Car is a bit too high, but if i lower it, the suspension parts will not fit together so i will keep it like this, FOR NOW =

Car will have tuning later, can basically promise that =) Also, im gonna try to get an add-on rolling, including the tuning parts...

It replaces voodoo, which might not be the best to replace, but its fun bouncing around hehe, Rename>replace anything you'd like

Installation Path:
Gta V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mplowrider\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\lowvehicles.rpf\

Like it if you like it, don't like it if you dont like it :*

(Donate if you'd like to, im running out of money on my PayPal for licenses

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1966 Chevrolet II Nova SS
1966 Chevrolet II Nova SS 1966 Chevrolet II Nova SS 1966 Chevrolet II Nova SS 1966 Chevrolet II Nova SS

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