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Ford E450 LAFD Ambulance 4K

Author: PimDSLR
Date: 14.02.2016
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Ford E450 LAFD Ambulance 4K

I proudly present you my first converted model! And the first american ambulance for GTAV!
The model I've converted is a Ford E450 Ambulance. It can contain minor bugs. It took me a month to get this done, F5544 helped to do it and learned me a lot.
Thanks for all that! i hope you all like it, I have done my very best and spended many days on this model.

High quality interior is coming.

It has
-Full damage (bullets)
-Breaking glass.
-Contains L0, L1, L2, L3
-4K skins

Do you like my work? Consider a small donation, it keeps the stuff going ;) Also a nice review is always nice.Thanks.

Special thanks to F5544 for all the support!

This work is licensed under

Creative Commons-Licentie

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

© 2016 Pim DSLR Productions


- Original Ford E450 cutaway cab model procured from (and provided by Bxbgus123).

- The cab model was converted to GTAIV by Lt.Caine.

- Entire vehicle converted to GTAV by PimDSLR.

- The entire vehicle model was extensively optimized, modified, and templated by Lt.Caine.

- Back lightbar is default GTAV, modified and textured by PimDSLR.

- TIR6 lights made and textured by PimDSLR.

- Quaderflars are generic GTAV moddified and textured by PimDSLR

- Liveries (LAFD Skins) are made by BogdanM.

- Lightbar Mx7000 made by F5544 and Textures by Lt.Caine/F5544. Edited for ambulance version by PimDSLR.

- Cab interior is default GTAIV vehicle “Speedo” interior, modified and installed by Lt.Caine.

- Headlights modified and textured by PimDSLR.

- Laptop is generic GTAIV vehicle laptop made by Rockstar Games, modified by Lt.Caine.

- Front siren speakers modelled by DannyBoy1909. Textures by Vertex3D, edited by DannyBoy1909, edited and converted to GTA5 by PimDSLR.

- Wheel rims made by Lt.Caine.

- All additional textures made by Lt.Caine.

- Big thanks for F5544! For all the help, tips and learling me to convert

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Ford E450 LAFD Ambulance 4K

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