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GMC Yukon 2007 [Add-On / Replace | LODs]

Author: mikeyboy242526 | Email
Date: 24.10.2021
Downloads: 3440 | Statistics
Filesize: 16.169 MB

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The GMC Yukon 2007 here's my second car :) It is disappointing that a lot of things are missing and I feel disappointed. :( Just trust me, when I have the ability of a great modder I don't know when it be, but I am sure it will be. For some reason, I decided to make GMC models because there are fewer from GTA V ones. The other cars that I promised will be in development for a long time. Why? When I was trying to convert the models a lot of errors were coming it was not the game but the mod itself, So I am going to push them further I don't know when it will be released. Needs to be waiting. And I will fix those errors that were causing to crash. The same goes for de Dodge Intrepid 1993 and GMC Yukon 2007. I hope you love this mod.
original model: 9lXA
GTA San Andreas convert: Mikeyboy242424
screenshots by: Mikeyboy242424
handling and optimized DLC by: Mikeyboy242424

Version 1.0
Contains detailed instructions for Add-On version and Replace version.

Known issues:

The license plate is black!
Dials were supposed to work!
Wheel texture looks awful!
Hands aren't perfect with the steering wheel!
Headlights the misc is black!

Big love to you all.

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GMC Yukon 2007 [Add-On / Replace | LODs]
GMC Yukon 2007 [Add-On / Replace | LODs] GMC Yukon 2007 [Add-On / Replace | LODs] GMC Yukon 2007 [Add-On / Replace | LODs] GMC Yukon 2007 [Add-On / Replace | LODs] GMC Yukon 2007 [Add-On / Replace | LODs]

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