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Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs]

Author: Dyc3
Date: 01.08.2020
Downloads: 4232
Filesize: 26.076 MB

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Audi A6 2020

Important Notes :

- Tested only on NVR Graphic Settings, Specular Reflections and Light Emissive Intensity may differ on different visual configurations and enb settings.

- Use Vstancer Script to adjust track width for Widebody Kits.

- Certain Tuning options can only be availed under Benny's option. Use a trainer or Benny's Modshop.

- Read Text Label to identify which part is currently customized.

Spawn Text - A6

Features :
- Highly Detailed Exterior and Interior

- Audi Matrix type Animated Taillight and Headlight LEDs

- Deep Visual Customization

- LOD Optimization for Base Model and all Modparts

- Hazard Light System [Tap E/Horn key for hazard, Hold it for horn sound]
- Toggle-able Interior Ambient Lighting [Headlight Key]

- Textures and Materials Optimization

- Gameplay features :
- Character can stand on top without falling when vehicle is moving.

- Traffic clears the path when hazard is ON.

Paint Distribution:
- Primary color - Body

- Secondary color - Modparts and Trims

- Stock rims and calipers can be painted.

- Trim color - Interior Leather

- Dash color - Interior Ambient light


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Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs]
Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs] Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs] Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs] Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs] Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs] Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs] Audi A6 '20 [Add-On | Tuning | LODs]

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