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CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS]

Author: NajPotez
Date: 18.01.2020
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"Break" ( also known as "Safari" or "Estate" ) is a station wagon of the legendary Citroen "DS" and "ID". Version was introduced in 1958.
All credits to Iksr ( who provided me this model.It was a high polygon model, in quads it was over 560k, means after converting in triangles over a million. The model had no engine, and had holes between the outer and inner parts- means needed even more polygons.
What I did? First I changed most of interior parts; optimized seats and dashboard I had from my earlier DS model (from year before). Dashboard is low polly, made more of my textures - but still looks good enough. For all other parts I did "welding", step by step, part by part. It took lot of time (and it's not that fun to degrade a model), but in the end I reached less than 300k polygons. I did another rounds of "welding" and optimizing to make LODs, and I've got this:
HIGH LOD:----------> 286.706,
MEDIUM LOD:---------> 12.591,
LOW LOD:-------------> 3.558,
and VERY LOW LOD:------> 478 Polygons.
That should be enough not to be too much for the game, I guess.
As this car has some special features I did some things I did never before.It is about trunk and suspension. Thanks MrGTAmodsgerman ( for pointing me to two cars from the game: "Fagaloa" for the boot, and "Hermes" for suspension.
The trunk is made up of two parts, one of which opens upwards and one downwards.It works really well, however does not work in old versions of the game.I'm not too happy with suspension, but on the end I decided to include it just because it's one of the things you think of first about this car. This also does not work with old versions, or any pirate version of the game.To make matters worse, it is not compatible with some other mods. If such a thing is a "nightmare" for you, you can just replace Add-on vehicle files (dsbreak.yft and dsbreak_hi.yft) with the ones in the replace folder (regina.yft and regina_hi.yft) and there will bi no suspension troubles. Everything else would be the same, even the livery tuning would work fine. Yes,You can turn the car into an ambulance version (in Benny's). I made this tuning option because Ambulance version of this car had a significant place in history.
There are two "double-plate" versions ( US or EU shape ) for both versions ( AddOn and Replace )of the car. Yes, this car used to have double rear plates ( ) so it could legally ride with the open lower part of the trunk. In GTA V this option you will have only (and allways:)) in some older version of the game after you open and close the trunk. Towing hook is not included this time even though I originally planned it.Suspension and trunk features did not support it. I included a livery template, but it's for advanced users only (material=vehicle_paint4), who know how to make a livery mode as a tuning part and to replace one (or more) of my livery modes.
And yes - All glass breakable (including outer and inner mirrors or platelights), dials (mph), driver and passenger position, dirt, dust, scratches, damage, burnt, inner glass does not turn black after upgrade..., I tested all I could remember and it all works fine. If I forgot something, please forgive me.I need a GTAV "Break" now :) and work on some IRL things ... next car probably not before spring That's it, enjoy! I hope you will like it.
Naj Potez, 16.I.2020.

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CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS]
CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS] CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS] CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS] CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS] CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS] CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS] CITROËN DS Break [Add-On / Replace | LODS]

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