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HVY Barracks Recovery

Author: AG_MODS & TheF3nt0n
Date: 19.10.2019
Downloads: 91
Filesize: 2.655 MB

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"Hope you've got a big garage. A 6-wheel army personnel
truck with reinforced frame and suspension, the Barracks
is ideal for transporting armed troops and car-pooling
obese American kids. Built by the US in the 1980s, sold to
Iraq in the 1990s, captured from the Iraqis by Americans
in the 2000s, the Barracks has a complex bloodline that
took us days to get off the seats." Install - Copy The barracks6 Dlc Folder To mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
- Added The Line From Readme To Your dlclist.xml
- Spawn Name :: barracks6 ::
Optional - HVY Barracks Flatbed [Add-On] - Credits - Rockstar Games Original model - TheF3nt0n For Model edits - AG_MODS For Idea - AG_MODS For Add-On Folder CHANGELOG - 1.0 - Initial release
- 1.5 Fix the white rims and added custom name in game (Barracks Recovery)
This MOD available only on gta5-mods DISCLAIMER Do not modify the mod file or re-upload without my permission

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HVY Barracks Recovery
HVY Barracks Recovery HVY Barracks Recovery HVY Barracks Recovery HVY Barracks Recovery HVY Barracks Recovery

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