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2006 GMC Sierra work truck

Author: BROKE_option
Date: 04.09.2019
Downloads: 1918
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2006 GMC Sierra work truck
( short box - stepside - regular cab )
This is another regular everyday vehicle i put some work into.
It's based off of another file by tmhhl. Thanks to tmhhl for doing most of the work!
I just took tmhhl's files, put them in game and it just didn't look right to me.
Originally i intended to just fix the wheel size, but the wheel hubs were off center so i ended up just replacing them eventually. The rest is mainly improved textures.
I did my best to make it good enough to put it in the game without it looking weird. For me, it's just about good enough now.
Thought i'd share my work to save others some time.
I know this model is low poly af but there's nothing anyone can do about it really.
The files are unlocked. From my end, i'd say do whatever you want with it.
If you improve on it just please be nice and share the results and leave the files unlocked. The entire modding thing is a community effort.
I can't speak for the people doing most of the work prior to me though.
So if anyone has any issues with me releasing this, feel free to contact me.
original model by Bader Alkhaldi conversion by 6hdc
original upload by tmhhl
wheels by NONE
installation as per usual...

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2006 GMC Sierra work truck
2006 GMC Sierra work truck 2006 GMC Sierra work truck 2006 GMC Sierra work truck 2006 GMC Sierra work truck 2006 GMC Sierra work truck

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