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BN Sports S15

Author: Jakee, Chris442, Klaceyes
Date: 07.11.2018
Downloads: 936
Filesize: 29.681 MB

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Hello there

I worked few days on my spare time on this BN Sports s15 I found on an older gta forum.

what is done :

- Main things working, like doors, wheels, lights...
- extras :
. all badges
. the two spoilers
. the two number plates
. the BN Sports logo on the windscreen

what isn't done :

- some little lights like the one for the number plates, inside the car when you open a door for example, the front indicators and sides aren't made (in fact i didn't care about them)
- glass aren't breakable (cause it is made to be used with invincibility)
- spoilers cols (not that i can't but it's better like this for drifting)

The files are provided like this to be used on fiveM, read the read-me for informations to use the car on the solo gta (or even on gta online? i won't risk it but you do what you want)

there is a disclaimer to have informations about the modders who worked before me on the car and about what you can do with it.
I want to thank 668 for giving me the textures for the wheels, i still don't know if they look good but anywayit's something
Also thanks to L33taS who tried to help me :D
And of course to Chris442 for using his mod

Hope you'll enjoy it

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BN Sports S15
BN Sports S15 BN Sports S15 BN Sports S15 BN Sports S15 BN Sports S15 BN Sports S15

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