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Tow Mater (Disney Cars) Christmas [Add on|Replace]

Author: FoxtrotDelta
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Date: 23.12.2017
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As Requested Multiple Times, i Present to you Christmas Version of Disney Cars Character Tow Mater For Grand Theft Auto V. A number of People have Requested Disney Cars 3 Public Version for special occasion like Christmas and Halloween Etc , but Before i was busy . This time i Plan to Release a few mods For public To enjoy on Christmas occasion 2017. Also the New years.

Who is Tow Mater? Introduction:
Sir Tow Mater, KBE, better known as simply Tow Mater or Mater, is the one of the main characters of the Cars franchise. He was the deuteragonist of the original Cars, and the protagonist of Cars 2. He also appears in his very own short series Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales as the protagonist. His model is a 1951 Haulital Hook'em tow truck (or an International Harvester boom truck). His best friend is Lightning McQueen.

Add on & Replace Version both are uploaded.

its my First Fictional Mod for young people and Youtubers Alike.
Enjoy :) Do Give Feed back !

Installation Instructions: (Also Provided in Download Archive)

1)Extract Dlclist.xml from: Mods\update.rpf\common\data
With the help of Openiv.

2)open Dlclist.xml with notepad etc And add this Dlc entry in the bottom


3)Save the file and replace new saved file into that above location again mods\update.rpf\common\data

4) Extract All files in “Add-on” folder included in this download to this location: Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\

It should look like this Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\towmater\dlc.rpf
In order to spawn the Vehicles Please use trainer menu option and type spawn by name Function as follows:

Type using keyboard : TM

Special Features:

Press E For Turbo Boost
Can Tow Other Vehicles NumPad 8 & NumPad 5

Mod is strictly not to be sold.if you have suggestions,feedback, bug reports or any Mod Requests, please leave a comment here or in the forums section of this website,
have fun!

Mod Author : FoxtrotDelta
Converted to GTA5 by : FoxtrotDelta

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Tow Mater (Disney Cars) Christmas [Add on|Replace]
Tow Mater (Disney Cars) Christmas [Add on|Replace] Tow Mater (Disney Cars) Christmas [Add on|Replace] Tow Mater (Disney Cars) Christmas [Add on|Replace] Tow Mater (Disney Cars) Christmas [Add on|Replace]

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