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Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template]

Author: Dover5
Date: 07.09.2017
Downloads: 3979
Filesize: 30.579 MB

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Lamborghini Diablo GTR
60+ Tuning parts, Template
Add-on version only

Pop-up/Non pop-up headlights
Hands on steering wheel,
Breakable glass,
Working indicators,
Working dials,
Scissor doors,

Models from,, Driver:SF. Some parts modeled by me.

Diablo GTR/GTR-S/GT/GT2/SV/SVR/VT/VT 6.0/SE30/SE30 Jota Tuning parts, Change headlights to pop-up / non pop-up, Optionable black tinted rear lights. classic rear lights, custom "Mohawk" boot, Miura-like boot, Flat hood, custom vented hood. Change emblems/grill to VT/GT/SV/SVR/SE30, Two types of reversing lights - right side only (like Diablo GT) or on both sides (VT 6.0), VT/VT 6.0/SV/SE30/GT2/GT2 1998/GT1 Le Mans front bumpers (versions with splitters too). VT 6.0/SV/GT/GTR Spoilers. VT 6.0/SV/SVR/GT exhausts.
SV/VT/GTR/GT/SE30/SE30 Jota boot (some with optional emblem on rear window). Change fuel cover position. OZ Racing exhaust, custom spoiler with Agip sticker & more!

5 livery - SV/Custom Red Dragon/Italy Race Stripes/Black Stripes/GT2 Pirelli stickers.

Use modified gameconfig.xml to if your game crash while loading story mode!
Gameconfig by Game68240

Keep in mind:
Headlights/fenders mods you'll find in skirts mods,
Boot modifications in rear bumper mods,
Rear bumper mods in exhaust mods
Rear lights mods in chassis mods,
Grill mods - see back of Diablo.

Also you need to know:
Pop-Up headlights are stock now. Only this way we can have Pop-ups / Non pop-ups in one car.

You'll need trainer to get access to all tuning parts, there are too many of them and some doesn't appear in modshop.

What's not working:
Template could be better

Installation instruction included inside package

Spawn by name: 500gtrlam

Thx to GreenAid for handling file
Thx to Kizacudo for some screenshots, excellent interior shot.

V 1.0 - Diablo GTR finally released.
V 1.1b/c - Bigger and slightly wider rear wheels (thx to saurion), calipers no longer behind brake disk.
V 1.2 - 4 New Tuning Parts! Diablo SVR rear bumper (recently modeled by me) / SVR Grill / Classic rear lights / Custom Lamborghini logo grill. Handling adjustments, some minor fix.
V 1.3 - Pop-up / Non Pop-Up headlights in one car! Switch between them under skirts modifications!
V 1.4 - VT 6.0 Front Bumper! Rare thing, had to make this one myself. Also New custom rear lights. Minor fixes.
V 1.5 - SE30 / SE30 Jota tuning parts! We have another portion of rare Diablo kits. SE30 boot/front bumper/grill/hood. More minor fixing and adjusting.
V 1.5a - SE30 Jota boot added. And now we have SE30 and SE30 Jota parts. The only visual difference between these models is boot, Jota boot is based on SV.
V 1.6 - New tuning parts - GT2/GT2 1998 front bumpers, clean fenders (like Diablo VT 6.0, GT2). Now we can even change fuel cover position (in roof mods). New livery - Pirelli stickers for GT2. Some minor changes.
V 1.7 - More tuning parts - GT1 Le Mans front bumper, OZ Racing exhaust, new custom spoiler, rear grill without logos, new cutom hood + GTR hood without logo to use with GT1/SE30 front bumer. "Shark gills" changed to extra part. Some more minor changes like better rear lights reflections, updated template.
V 1.8 - More tuning parts - JGT1 front bumper, new fenders, new hood, some custom rear lights. Few minor changes.
V 1.9 - Some more parts - GT custom rare engine cover, GTR-S rear diffuser, New shark gills, New fuel cover position, New rear grill - SV stock. Roll cage now as extra_3. Windows tint fix, Dirtmap, GTR Stock rims, proper SV fenders, new handling by GreenAid, some quality improvements.
[If you saved this car in garage remove it from there before installing update 1.9 otherwise tuning parts may be messed up or game may crash]

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Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template]
Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template] Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template] Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template] Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template] Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template] Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template] Lamborghini Diablo GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template]

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