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2016 Ariel Nomad HQ [Add-On / Replace | Unlocked | Livery / Extras]

Author: AuthorSaulAlan
Date: 17.02.2017
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2016 Ariel Nomad
Original Model is a Forza Horizon 3 model.

Model is unlocked feel free to make edits to it, if you change it drastically you have permission to upload your alternate version so long as you give me credits

Everything works, lights, breaking glass, oil spill, custom wheels, tints, extra lights, paint etc all work perfectly
Only thing I didn't do is make a custom speedometer for it

Extras are the spare tyre, the rear bumper (real nomads sometimes have this off) a custom bullbar custom sidesteps & rear rack

1;Add on version has hands very slightly off the wheel, replace version is perfect
2;Reverse lights glow a little at night even when not reversing (still light up brighter when you reverse though)
3;Wheels have an odd (Slight) colour variation between sidewall and tread, may possibly have a tiny wobble too, not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me or not,

After 3 days working on this i'm sick of the sight of it so here you go ladies and gents, enjoy lol

Download also contains
The standard Ariel Nomad livery (this is already applied)
A Weed livery
A Monster Energy livery
A blank file for if you want no livery, this file also gives you alternate wheel textures
The liveries don't prevent the car from being painted, they show more clearly when you paint the car white
If you want to make your own livery its easy enough to see on the existing liveries which part does what

Z3D file of the replace version (it's a different steeringwheel/seat settup on the add on version) for those who want it -

Replaces Sandking, if you choose to replace a different vehicle avoid Dune BfInjection and Brawler as those three are incompatable due to the suspension

Add on:
Instructions are in the readme file
Spawn name: Nomad

Credits to Kizacudo for alternate wheel textures the add on file and lots and lots of bug testing
Big thanks to all these guys for a multitude of different reasons;
NGR_Ardiansyah MrFive HitmanNiko Ammar Tonybee DonFelipe GTA5Korn GtaGam3r

If you like my mods please consider supporting my work which i have to put on hold whenever I make mods

Join my facebook group to get access to the mods i only release there

(VIP mods also available Pm my FB page)

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2016 Ariel Nomad HQ [Add-On / Replace | Unlocked | Livery / Extras]

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